Please read! Need Support!


My friend just got hopscotch! She made a Pokemon go game! It's her first game, and I don't know if she is going to make more. But she was texting me while she was making it and she worked hard on it, it's her first project again.

She went to bed. When she wakes up, I want her to have some notifications! Maybe like and follow? Sorry if I'm begging!

Link to her game:

Her user name is maddymax05

Don't tell her I sent you please


Cool! I will check it out


Yeah me too I love how your thinking of others!


By the way, maybe you could change the name of the topic?


Liked, try to keep her away from RPs :slight_smile:


That is actually really great for a first game! :D


I followed her and liked her project :D
10th like yass!

Yey! That's actually a super gud first game! :0 :D
Is she going to join the forum?


I don't know. She joined because I talk about it all the time. I don't think she will make to many projects, but I don't know. :blush:


Ok! But I hope she continues :D


yeah sure, I would do anything to keep a hopscotcher going!


You is very nice fren :wink:

K will check it out


I have sent my minions and myself to her project! Dont let her doubt herself


That's super considerate of you! I'll check it out!


I saw your shoutout! Thank you so much!


hey i can give her shoutout on my next project if you want (My main account) :grinning:


That's up to you, thank you so much!


Ill check it out soon!