Please read... Message For The Forum


I know leaving topics are banned, and people dislike them very much. You can leave if that is you. This is mainly to the people who care. I am leaving. I realize I wasn't meant for the forum. My rep is ruined, I've lied, and some other stuff. I have made great friends here and I've had a great time with my stay. Im leavin.g mainly because, well, long story. Thank you to the people who guided me here, thank you to my friends, and thank you to all of you, even if you hate me. You guys mean the world to me. This is KiraForPrez signing off.
I will not be on HS.


My Fwens


Bye ;-;

We will miss you.



I can totally relate to having my reputation ruined. That's why I came back to the forum after quitting for a few months in the summer, to fix my reputation and at least have some fun while doing it.

Goodbye, you were a really nice friend


Bye, have fun with your life ;)



Bye, Kira.

I'll miss you...



Don't worry, my reputation is ruined, but that doesn't stop me from keeping on!
dont leave, fren! you always keep me on my toes and on mi way!


No... Who's gunna say 'Hey Frenpai! Can I pleasssssse be on that tag list of yours? Pwease?' When I make a new topic now? Who's gunna randomly spam like me? Who's gunna be that one friend of mine that is on almost all the time? Who's going to be anything like the person you are today? That answer to all of those questions is no one, no one but my frenpai @KiraForPrez... I really dont want you to leave... Kira, my reputation went down to nothing in that huge flame war that happened on the18th of April, 2017...Remember when I was going to leave because of that drama? I didn't, and that was because of my friends, @Elemental_Cat and @KawaiiRose, who each gave me something special, something to make me know that they needed me. And now I'm letting you know that I need you on the forum. Because I do. I actually and honestly do.


Bye ;-; have fun IRL! You will be missed.
There goes another friend


Bye @KiraForPrez! You'll be missed!


Bye, friend.


Bye, I will miss you, although you did the wrong thing, I wish you would stay;-;


Bye, we will miss you! Just remember, inner character is more important than outward reputation. If you ever check in, could you please stop by my GT? Have fun irl! Are you leaving because your parents found out about HS?


Bye! I hope that you'll pop in once and a while :D

How was your rep ruined?!


My eyes are tearing up sob sob... I am so sad!
sniffle, sniffle


Ok. Bye. I guess.... You were really cool on here.


U cant leave
U me best fren and talk when me is bored
Ill be in my gt sad


'Tis not.

You were.

No. You havent.

Eh. Ppl do them anyways.
I dont think anyone will flag this one.


I will miss you so much, you are a really great person, Hopscotcher and Forummer. I hope that you will come back. Bye.


I didn't know you very well. Bye.


hello @kiraforprez :D