PLEASE READ😉 Check out my new game!


I just finished my game that I worked really hard on, find the Easter egg. Any thoughts, constructive criticism, anything? Link below:
My hopscotch username is Crazy_cake
Thanks, a happy Crazy_cake


It's awesome!


Thank you @FluffyMice :smiley:


It's amazing! :D
I really like the colors, and design!


Thank you @SmilingSnowflakes, anything I could improve in the game?


The grass sometimes blocks the egg. :D

And a idea!
When you swipe the bush, the bush moves or something, and sometimes, there could be a easter egg! :D


Those I was are GREAT! @SmilingSnowflakes


Thank you! :D


I added the moving bushes idea and gave you credit:)


Awesome! Thank you! :D


That's awesome! But I think there was a glitch, whenever I tapped the eggs the score still remained 0 :confused:


Hmm that didn't happen to me, I'll check, thanks for telling me


I tried it and it didn't happen to me, maybe it's just a 1-time glitch @a10


How's the new and improved version? Link-


@smishsmash awesome game! Are you going to make more versions? :slightly_smiling: Also, could you make the directions more clear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Or you should add like a backround story "Timmy needs to gather all the easter eggs before blah blah blah eg.)

Edit Oh. You just answered my question XD


The improved link is good :wink:


Thank you so much!!! @Doodliedoo I think I will make more versions of the game but not today;)


Great game! But I noticed that even after the timer ran out, you could still gather eggs and add points...


Ya... I'm working on that....


I'm going outside for a bit now, it's 56 degrees and that's a lot for where I am in the winter so see ya later
(Sorry this is off topic)