PLEASE READ! (And help)


Hey guys, I just wanted to tell all of you something really important.

Lots of hopscotchers or hopscotchers on the forum say that they are leaving. Some of them have reasons why they are leaving, but some don't. I don't like anyone leaving, even though it's their choice. Why do they need to leave? Hopscotch sometimes is a bad place, but they don't need to leave. But if someone says or does bad things to others on hopscotch, like I saw some usernames on hopscotch that say I hate something, or I hate SmileyAlyssa that's maybe why lots of people left. I know that we can make hopscotch a better place, because just like pollution hurts the earth, mean things on hopscotch can hurt others.


Surely no one can hate Senpai @SmileyAlyssa? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great topic!


I have a personal hater, "I hate DMFgames". I'm like a king jk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have no haters. If I did, it wouldn't affect me.


I have 2 haters, I almost left hopscotch because of them. I am not on hopscotch anymore because the district deleted it from our iPads!


I dont have any haters!


I had a hater once, but it was kind of cool (I know I'm just weird like that!) Later, they ended up apologizing and changing their name to iWaffle Fan :D (I actually guessed who they were, after they made a project with clues! :/)
And, of course, the one impersonator...iWaffle2 (THAT IS NOT ME KIDS)
Yeah, so I agree that people need to stop doing this!


Mee too @Puppylulu
Press the link!


That's not a hater. That's just the shortened form of "I hate how amazhang the following Hop is: DMF Games"


Yeah, it is pretty sad. I'm not really sure why everyone is leaving. ;( But keep in mind, as lots of people leave lots of people join. :D

Yeah, that's true. Which is why it's important if you ever see someone being mean like this, to report them or send THT an email. (