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When you're making a new topic how would you select another category because whenever I click categories the only catagory I see is help.


same! i hate the help thing! i need other catogries


There are only 2 catogories. Help and Lounge. Lounge if for trust level 3 and higher. You can use tags put your topic into different areas :wink:


Members and Basics only have the #help Category.

If you become a Regular, you can get the Lounge category...

Btw, there many topics about this. But that's okay to ask new ones!


but what if your topic isnt about help?


I beat ya to it :P


O okay thanks for this information!!!


Well the whole forum is one thing. So it just appears in the same place. So if i place a topic in lounge only people in lounge can see it.


Thx SnowGirl_Studios!!!


i have so many questions about the lounge! when you tag a member can i acsess the lounge?


Nope. I have tried doing this with my backup account but it doesn't show up in the activity :wink:



unfortunately, that's life... They only give you one thing...
I guess they don't want the forum to be cluttered...


I'm a regular and I have the lounge...
In the lounge people post questions and other stuff that they only want trusted and more experienced forumers to see because they been on for a long time.


Everyone else beat me to it, so pretty much they summed it up. :wink:

@comicvillestudios, did you get regular back? If so, congrats!


Good Question!

Because your current rank is basic user, the only category you may put your topic in is help.

You will be able to use other categories once you have reached the rank Regular.

Once you reach regular, you may choose to put your topics in other categories, such as hopscotch, ideas, lounge, and much more!

Hope this helped!