Please put Hopscotch on Android!



I'm sorry if there are already topics about this, but I really think that you should be able to use Hopscotch on Android devices.

I think that because I know a school that only has Android devices, and the coding teacher wants to use Hopscotch to help teach her students. It was a little disappoining to find out that it wouldn't work.

So that's why I want Hopscotch to be on Android.


I think they should also try to get it on kindles! Than I wouldn't have to worry about not having hopscotch!

Also, remember to search before posting!
There are lots of topics like this XD


My understanding is that THT is going to do this in the future! Android is an entirely different device than Apple, so they'd have to make some huge changes. :D I think their goal was to first make it available for the iPhone, then spread into other devices. :wink:


Moving apps to Android takes a SUPER loooooooong time... sooooo maybe wait a bit?
(Personally I don't know why most start on the Apple platform, but converting (converting? that the right word?) apps to Android does take a long time.)


@Malie, sorry, I did say sorry in before.

@Bananadog, yeah, I know. And you're probably right about their first goal being them putting it on the IPhone.

And, last but not least, @Fishyguitars, it probably does take a SUPER long time. And you're right, "converting" is the right word to use.


Don't be sorry XD Just instead of saying sorry maybe search (I get lazy too lol)


The word you were looking for is porting, instead of converting.




I think that would be a great idea @Pinmat135!!

But right now, they are working on improving, testing, and smashing those awful bugs in the iPad and iPhone version, to make them the best they can be.

In other words, making the iPad and iPhone version perfecto!!