Please Pray for Chelsea


Hi everyone,

Please pray for Chelsea. It's downtown NYC. (Chelsea is an area downtown, not a person) There was just an explosion. Ya know where? In a dumpster right next to a facility for the blind. They don't know if it was a bomb. Edit: It was just confirmed it was a bomb.

This happens a few hours after a similar bomb, they think the same person, was found trying to blow up a Marine charity run.

Please pray. We can make projects.

It's kinda scary, I live here and all, and I'm not going to take the bus or subway for a while with all these threats. I was supposed to be in the area at the time it happened too.... @Niftynia75, I know you live here too, so I thought you'd understand...


Yikes. Thats sad. I cant believe these attacks are happening so recently.


Oh...I didn't know about this. One sec lemme go google this


Oh no! I live around there too! I didn't know about that.


Yeah lol I found out an hour after it happened because the news wouldn't interrupt trump and Hillary's speeches to tell us about this


Oh no I didn't hear about this.. Is it bad like the Boston bombings cause I'm form Boston. My parents finished the marathon 15 mins before the u know what exploded. We were gonna to watch the race with our grandparents in front of sugar heaven where one of the you know what exploded and I'm pretty sure that was where Martin Richard passed away.
I hope everyone is okay!


No, its not as bad as that. That was a massacre. Omg that's so good! (That your parents finished before!)


Wow. First thing they thought of was to tweet it. How smart...


Ya my fam is lucky.

Has there been any deaths? Are u scared?


I don't think any deaths. I'm a little scared. Like someone could just put a you know what in a suitcase on the subway and......


Ya. Well I'm going to bed. Stay safe


Thanks I'll try to


I prayed. Legit. Hope others did too :slight_smile:


OMG I'm praying I hope you're safe!


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So? :stuck_out_tongue:


hai m8. long time no seen. @Rawrbear check ur something that starts with a s and ends with a e.


Wow. XD

One article was published 7 mins ago


Thank you so much! That means a lot :)


Thanks a lot :)