(please look:) new game!


Hi, Crazy_cake here! I made a new game called gold hunt, I will make a poll, please rate and tell me in the comments, compliments, constructive criticism , improvements? Thanks a lot:D link- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xtqklr3lh

  • good
  • could use improvement
  • eh
  • bad game



It's great well done!


That's feature worthy! I really like the rainbow at the front. But maybe you should add a play button? That would make things much less confusing


Thx:D that makes me happy


This is awesome! Maybe obsictals besides the time!


Thank you!!!! Good idea, might add that in future version:D


Sooooo feature worthy


Good idea:D congrats on feature btw


Yay:D @RubyWolf1 thx so much!!!


Thank you two times!


One more thing: I checked the code and I saw that the timer was set to 500 milliseconds and 1000 milliseconds is 1 second. I thought I would just point that out


Your welcome:D @Huggingfluffybear


awesome! I said it was amazing!


Good point! I'll check that next time


Thank you!!!! @VanillaBlossom


Your welcome! Maybe you could make it more interesting by adding stores and stuff, maybe in the next version? you don't have to, it's already fabulous!


Great idea:D @VanillaBlossom


Wow you are allready a great helper on the comuity!


SORRY! I will add clovers in next one, so I had to republish without that:) sorry for the inconvenience<3


You should add levels and stuff like that. But it is really fun!