Please look at these Hopscotchers!



Is there a Hopscotcher that makes really good projects that isn't really noticed? Well if you know of one please put their Hopscotch name below!

Simply Unknown (@Unknown2016 on the forums)!
randomowlsLC @randomowlsLC she deserves to be featured!
SmileyPanda :panda_face: She made a really cool ice cream game!
BellieBoo :cat:! @BE13 on the forum.
Razor64 @Razor on the forums. He's making another special one of a kind draw pad
: D


You didn't turn on global edit! :yum:

Unfortunately, you can't yet because you're only a member on the forums!


BellieBoo :cat:! She is an excellent coder, and my friend IRL! :smile:


Never mind, you turned it on :stuck_out_tongue:


GenisesCode! (not on the forum) His coding is so amazing, unfortuantely the amount of likes he gets on it is practically nonexistant.


I will definitely check them out. I already know some of them!


Aw thank you! I'm working hard. (So far 2 featured)


I think we should help out @Anonymous cuz he hasn't bee posting a lot...




Why k and not g letterist