Please look Anna10



So I have a new hobby... Creating accounts together with other people. The first person to like and replie gets to share one with me. ONLY ONE PERSON because I am already in partnership so I am in 2 accounts and I am ok with a 3rd or fourth. One more or two people to share accounts. All three or me and another will share an account! Ok?


Hello? Who is first?!!


Ok The Logo master and AHappyCoder get it! I am working on account now!


@AHappyCoder @TheLogoMaster I am getting ready to post account info so tell me if you are on. Make sure to tell me when to remove the post too so oaths don't see


Sorry oaths is supposed to be others


I'm the first to reply!


Ahh true!!!! I specifically said like and reply so did u like?


Never mind ur in! Awesome


Wait one sec. I will post stuff in 2 min.


Ok get ready. Username is 2HappyCoders. Tell me u see this then I will post pass


Saw it. Ready for the password, @Anna10


Did u read? It?? Info is posted.


We will get hacked, how about maybe changing the username? Logging in now, @Anna10, but one thing about an account Collab: Always make sure your fellow collabers are on when showing the password. May want to change it to something different, like maybe collabtime, or funtime. If you don't want to get hacked, of course.


What? Who? When? I never asked to be in....


Ok one sec are you on


Yeah, except signing off in like 5-10 minutes, I'll just like the post, then you can delete it—wait, school, bye.


The name is 2HappyCodin


Tell me when to post the password


@tankt2016 you there


I'm here as of 3:16, Eastern Time, but I will most likely still be on at 4:00, @Anna10.