Please Keep Politics out of Hopscotch


The title says it all. Around the forum I have been seeing jokes about Trump and pictures of Trump used in ways that make fun of them. Although I myself am not a trump supporter, this really shouldn't be allowed. If any trump supporters come on the forum, this shouldn't be what they see. The same goes for any other things related to politics.

At some point, this could start a flame war. And we don't want that to happen again.
ahh that wasn't well written at all


Agree. Everyone has different opinions and hopscotch was not made to discuss those things.


I agree!

I know some people who suport trump and though we all have different opinions we need to respect others :D because it can hurt others and cause fights ;-;


I agree also!

Politics are a serious thing to some people and when people make jokes and say bad or good things about trump or Hillary, it could be offenseive.

Great topic!



I agree. This is a kids coding app forum and we should keep serious topics to our selves.


I agree.

LOL lets see who breaks the "i agree" chain


the chain is broken.




I feel like this is targeting me

Anyways politics is very controversial so I'd agree

Also I should've said this back when this was a thing, but LGBT is also very controversial so...


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well said

well said.......