Please just ignore this




@OnceUponATime, it’s your choice to take a break or to leave. I’m glad that your taking a small break. You shouldn’t be worried about mistakes that you do! Don’t think about the future or you’ll miss the present. Life is a present, full of surprises. Anyways, have a nice trip around the world!!! You will be missed, but we will be here waiting for you! Have an amazing trip senpai!


Thanks, Explo.

Happy birthday/anniversary btw


That sounds stressful.

I hope things go well, and I hope you can come back soon!


Aw u leaving
Well its sad but at least youll come back onnie :slight_smile:


Onnie I swear if you don’t enjoy this trip I will… I dunno. I’ll figure out the threat later. XD

Enjoy this experience while you have it for goshness sake Onnie have fun


No wonder you sound so melancholy, Lyra. Have a safe trip my girl!


Ok see you

I think you are going to Antarctica, because for one year- OH WAIT REALLY?!?!
no can’t be
I thought that your dad was going to space


Nope I checked

Oh well c u in a year I guess


Ok won’t speculate or can I haha I know it’s bad
One word of speculation

It’s seems most likely


Thank you senpai! Or can I call you frenapai now?


It’s ok, no one shall go through stress. Have a nice break!


my lips r zipped
@Explorer_ of course


Thanks frenapai


Taking a break is a good idea. The forum and hopscotch are way too addicting and they can lead to stress and depression. See you in a while.


I’m sad that your leaving.


LOL i’m back i guess
guess who has no impulse controooool
the answer is me but i bet u guessed
@OnnieArtTagList @OnnieFriends


hmmmm @dude73 @ahappycoder I SEE U



Good to be back eh

I’m making a collab haha


Just about to post a diary thing, I’ll come back to this topic in a couple minutes. Brb m8


i guess
i missed y’all even tho I really wish i could get over this website lol