Please join Victoria's academy or it's closing. (If no one new joins this, it'll have to close it)

Well, I'm making a coding academy but I only have one people as a student. I need someone to join! If 20 or more people join before October 29, 2016, I'll have to close the academy. I'm sorry. But if I get more votes that say even if 20 people don't join and it's past October 29, I'll have to keep the academy.

  • Keep the club no matter what! I love it!
  • Eh, it's your decision
  • Oh, only one person joined? Well I like that person whoever it is but I suggest that you keep the topic


Votes are public.


I also wanted to add to the poll...

  • Uh, I'm not sure (and DON'T judge me) but I THINK you should close this topic
  • .........


Votes are public.

I'm sorry, but I am kind of busy right now with other Hopscotch projects so I can't join :(

I would love to join!

Great @RexersHexers! Um, student or teacher?

Teacher please! <ghsgfths

I would like to join please!

Okay @Sweetlina. Teacher or Student?

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Teacher please!

Got it. Um, @RexersHexers and @Sweetlina, are you positively, absolutely, 100 percent sure that your coding is pretty good or good enough to teach? If you don't know, I'll see your profile. (Though I'm pretty sure that you guys are pretty good coders)

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Well just look at my profile!

And, welcome @RexersHexers. I know you've spent a long time here, but welcome!

I really can't code so nvm​:pensive:
Yeah first emoji!

Is there already a student? Because I would like to be a student plz!

May i make a school like this?

Uh, that does make me feel a bit sad and I know that you can do whatever you want. You might be able to be co.pres of Victoria's academy.

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And, yes. Everyone else could run for co.pres. But I will pick and there will be NO vote. (I may think about it though).

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@KawaiiRose, you can be a student.

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Thanks! I'm rlly looking forward to it!

Wait @RexersHexers, do you know how to code? You know, this is a coding academy.

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