Please help test these sprites with Latest Hopscotch version


Can someone who has the latest version of Hopscotch please help with this test.

Copy and upload these 2 sprites to a project and have them beside each other spinning.
Does the bar with the "M" spin from its centre?
Does the bar with "L" spin from the its left?
There's an ability to adjust where the sprites centre is when making a sprite with Piskelapp.
I need to know if it works when using Hopscotch.

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I will have a go soon :slight_smile:


I'm really sorry, but I don't have the subscription


I'll try soon, I'm on vacation! :slight_smile:


I tried it out, and both of them spin from their centers. :frowning:

I used the Spin abilities.


Thanks, I appreciate your assistance


Thanks @Intellection74
It seems this ability doesn't have effect when using Hopscotch.
The Hopscotch app chooses the centre by what you told me.


A way to fake this would be to draw a tiny dot to the left of the bar sprite.
Then the Hopscotch app would measure the distance from the dot to the bars right end and place the centre near the bars left edge.
@AHappyCoder @Intellection74


Woah! It works! That's so cool! :smiley:


How did you do it?
Did you use Piskelapp? or something else?


I just drew a dot on it with Paper by 53 and then cropped it in Hopscotch:


Can u publish please so I can see


I'm sorry but I'm too broke to afford the subscription. ;-;


It's okay, @Kiwicute2016. It's okay.


The affect you describe is similar to what can be done with text/emoji objects.

Spin a text obect of ":bomb:" and it just rotates about it's center

Spin ":bomb: :bomb:" and they both go around in circles as the center is halfway between each emojis. Leave off the last emoji but keep the trailing spaces and the first one still goes in a circle since it's off center.

So maybe you don't need a little dot to get the image to rotate "off center". Perhaps just include some transparent space off to the side?


i've done that with emojis and text using the Hopscotch app.
I was testing sprites made with Piskelapp.
Thanks for offering info.


Leaders should get the subscription for free to promote it.


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Sorry I took so long. :sweat_smile:

Here is the link, but the project is still awaiting moderation because it has images in it.


I think forum moderators, forum leaders, and beta testers should get the subscription version of Hopscotch for free permanently.