Please help! PRIZES


Dear Everyone,
We are very happy with the initial reaction to our Uptown Pad, but we would like to further improve this project. We hope you have seen our official drawing pad, and, if not, here is the link:
We are looking for UNIQUE Ideas for version 2 of the pad. If you have an idea please comment below. If YOUR Idea is chosen for the pad, you will receive numerous prizes including a credit in the pad!


i don't want any prizes.
How about the longer you press the screen the bigger a dot/circle gets drawn to where you're pressing.


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You could have different music tracks. My WebPlayer isn't working right, but it looks like you have only one currently, right?


Ability to.... Hide the colour bar, Mo colours :stuck_out_tongue: , ink ability ( pen will slowly change width automatically ), maybe a few drawing templates to help make perfect shapes,


We have two. I was thinking about adding a third track


Oh, sorry I didn't see that. So I know this would be very laggy after a while, but adding onto @RobotPro's idea, you could make it so that you could draw with pulsing shapes? Similar to what Axolotl did with his draw and play maybe?


A rainbow mix, you can press a button and all the colors and widths can go away and you can press another button and everything comes back, you can add emojis to trace and a button when you tap it you draw with a rough pencil