Please Help Me!🙏🏻


I'm trying to make a game ( for the challenge this week ) and I keep putting code in a text object and nothing is happening!!! Plz help!!! I'm so mad right now!!!


Can you post a screenshot please?


What code? May I see?


I don't know how to add pictures!


Also, can you help? And to answer your question, yes you may see.


If you're on a mobile device, click Upload
If you're on a computer, click the '|`



Here's the code!!!:hugging: I don't know why it doesn't work?!?:rage::rage:


Please Publish with a link for help


It might be the random block in the x section of the set position block, the first number in it is higher than the second. Try switching the two numbers. :D


That's a good idea!:+1:🏻:hugging:


Does you're text object have any words or emojis?


No. Just an invisible text.


If you're not drawing a trail try an emoji