Please help me, would like if anyone commented

Hey, I’m new to hopscotch. Was wondering if someone could help me. I’m on laptop and don’t know how to create a game/script/how to start. Help needed. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome to the forum!

Could you explain a little bit more?

Is the problem that you don’t have ideas?

Is the problem that you don’t know how to run your code?

Or something else?


Welcome, @michke1!!!
Could you explain a bit more?


You can make a project on computer at !


@michke1 welcome to the forum! as @StarlightStudios posted, on an laptop you can only code on the web version of hopscotch, which can be found at however tho, if your laptop is an apple device and you have a M1 ship or newer, im pretty sure you can go to the app store and download the ipad app.

back to the web explorer :) once on the web hopscotch, you can sign up or log in into your account. then, tap create on the bottom right side of your screen to start your coding journey! Start with a container - a container handles general events, such as device tilting or tapping. In that container, drag in any block to build your program! Click on the play button to the top right of your screen to test the project, and the same button to go back to the editor. Once youre satisfied with your game, you can now publish it and be proud of your first program ever!

I hope this is what you were asking for and again, welcome to the forum! ;)


Hey welcome to the hotel @michke1 !

It depends on what your lookin for, @/Tri-Angle already mentioned how to use Hopscotch on m1 or search engine

But if you want to get into programming you could try VS (Visual Studio) as it has nearly every programming thingie you could think of! Also is helps with compiling, auto filling, etc. I would also recommend “dipping your toes” into Unity or even Roblox studio, since all of these really help create 3d/2d games. Its your call though! Also 3d modeling is essential for Unity, Roblox Studio, Unreal, etc so Blender is almost a must (I dislike Blender but what other options do you have?)

Can’t wait to see you more on the forum! :>

Link are below btw

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