Please help me with sin and cos!

Can someone please help me!? I have no idea how to use sin and cos and I really want to learn. So could anyone teach me the basics of it? That would be super helpful if you could!

Please help!


Sine and CoSine are maths functions. They are really useful for arcs, circles, curves that sort of thing. Search it up for more info, both on the Internet and the forum!


So you can only use Sin and Cos in a set position block. Cos goes into the X position. When you click on it, there are three bubbles. The first one is how long you want your circle to be. If you want it really wides, you make the number bigger. The wider you want it, the bigger the number. The second bubble is a value. Put whatever value you want in it! The last one is what the X position of the text is. Let's say the position is at 200 and 567. Put 200 in the last bubble since it's the X position. Whatever the X position is, put the same number it it. For Sine, it goes into the Y position. The same thing happens, except the first bubble is how tall you want your circle to be, and the last bubble is the Y position of the text. Use the same value for each. In the end, put an increase value block. Put the value you used in the first bubble. In the second bubble, it is the number in how much you want to increase the value, usually, I put 10. Put all of that in a repeat block. Put whatever number you want it to repeat. I usually put 40!

I learned from @RenegadeBird1


True! Or ask @DMF!

Or check out @Kiwicute2016's tutorial


Oh yeah, that was how bumpy you wanted the circle to be! The higher the number, the more corners it has! :DD


To use sine and cosine you first must know the basics: What each blank does!
The first blank is the distance from the center point, like a circles radius. The bigger the number you put there, the farther away your orbiting object is. The second blank is for a value. The value placed in the second blank should be constantly increasing. The more you increase it by, the faster it goes. The third blank is the orbiting point, where your object orbits.
Same goes for y!

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