I don't know how to post a conversation without the category being help. Help!:cry:I am only new to the forum I just started today!


Hi! Welcome to the forum!

The only current catigory is help, so all topics go into help or lounge (something you'll unlock when you're a regular). :D

You can add some tags (little teal block thingies) to categorize the topic, they are currently used as categories. :D


And Help is where 95% of people are most of the time


Just keep posting in help. I'm not a regular, so I can't help you with lounge, but @razor is true, most people are in help most of the time.


welcome to the forum!!!

If you ever need help, type "@KVJ" and I'll try my best!
Have a great time!

Also, you can't sorry!


Help is the only category besides lounge

Only regulars like me and @razor can access it!


Cure the?


What the heck fixed!


Welcome to the forum!
Since your a basic, the only category you can put things in is help. Help is what you have to make do of until you become a regular. Then you can put things in the lounge!


Actually there's another category for leaders only.