Please Help Me....My life is over XD



Halp. My projects keep on being blurry when I publish it. I don't know how to fix it, and I don't want it going on forever! ;-;
EDIT: Please go look at my account, you'll know wut I mean

Me leaving hopscotch(NOT FORUM!)

Uh... Idk what to do. Email THT


Did you update to the latest version of Hopscotch?


Can you show us a photo to see please


That's weird. Do you have the newest update? And by update, I don't mean subscription.


Look at my account, I think you guys will know wut I mean.
I think @ColourfulBlack had this problem too.


CB updated, and then it went away.


You should have the latest versions of Hopscotch and iOS.


No. But I'm pretty sure that's not the problem


Why do I need the latest version of IOS.


What duh...

Some are blurry some are not? Huh?


Those are my old projects before I came back after summer


Well, the same thing happened to ColourfulBlack and when she updated, it went away. I'm pretty sure that's what's going on with you.


I happen to know that projects made on iOS 8 are prohibited. Also, I saw something on the forum about someone getting hacked. You don't want to get hacked (at least I don't think you do xD), so you should be using the latest version of iOS.


Oh.... Idk why that happened but they are not that blurry... But is still a annoying problem.


oh but I can't do the update, the school won't let us know wut our Apple ID is and without it, I can't update.


Too bad.... I feel sorry for you now


I looked back at the topic, and she said it didn't go away ._.

So you should do what @happyfacegirl said!


I guess I should do the update? I'm scared cuz the teacher didn't tell us to do the update, and last year, the people that did the update, they had to get new ones since there was a problem with the update 0-0


Get the update. It will fix it.