Please help me make an ai system for my new game



I need an ai bot that moves on its own and can eat you


First reply! :wink:


I might be able to help. So is it going to be like a collab-type thing, or will I give you the code you want?


I just need a script


Can u give me an ai script? Also I'll give you credit if you help


Okay, sure. I'll get back to you ASAP, so maybe in an hour


Ok I'll be up cause I leave at 7:00 but since you live in New Zealand my time is earlier than yours


I mean ur time is earlier than mine


Ok, I have something that might work. It's not perfect, and the AI bot's movement is weird but I'm sure you can refine it. Search "AI BOT" and you should get it, or look at my profile @ MR.GAM3R​:video_game:

You can move the star by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Edit: I have posted a new version with simpler code.


It's really cool I'll do a little more research that makes the ball not go back and forth but other than that it's perfect


HELP I did the exact same code and it stays in one place then I tried again and it goes away from the player


Hmm... This might be challenging but there are several ways to make this using values. Can you make a base code I could work off?


Is this related to HS?
The reply, not the topic


If it goes away from the player, it probably means you got some of the code mixed up. Check if your code matches the one I made. If it does and still doesn't work you could send screenshots or publish it so I can take a look. Maybe some other code is interfering


If you intend the AI bot to be some kind of robot, the jerky movement might be appropriate. However, I do have an idea which may make the AI bot's movement more smooth. I will try it out later and let you know how it works


I will make a new topic on this so check it out when it comes out


It came out