Please help me and answer my question


How can I make friends and get likes on my hopscotch


That depends on the person.
What’s your username on Hopscotch?
Also, a tip is to make cool projects. It helps!


Well, joining the forum helped me get more likes. Go like others’s projects, give shoutouts, and work hard on your projects. Just remember, it’s not all about popularity


I’m not popular so I don’t really know but if you make a topic saying check out my new project you might get likes


Do your best with every project you make, and experiment with new code! :D

And don’t worry if you still don’t get many likes, that’s not what Hopscotch is about. It’s about having fun and learning to code (^-^)


Well, help others, be positive, be unique, and don’t ever put someone down.
Make tutorials and cool games too. Try out art too!


well like in real life i suggest talking to people and it will come naturally to you

likes you have to create nice projects, i started off bad then i worked my way up to featured it was pretty easy back then idk now probably same cause i got featured again twice and most of my last projects exploded (500+ likes without featured 0_o)


Basically what everyone else is saying: try hard on your projects, and people will appreciate them more when they see the effort you have put into them. Like other people’s projects, and don’t post too often. But remember, popularity isn’t everything; having one or two good friends is much better than having a hundred distant relationships.


I would say… start out with an amzing game that includes your username. Then add some more amazingly coded things. Then u can drop the act and TOTALLY BE URSELF. also art is a good way to get likes.


Hi! Welcome to the forum!

As for making friends, I would suggest talking to lots of people.

Getting likes is a little harder. You need to practice coding and get better at it, then you might get more likes.


Stick around, be social, ask for help, work hard, stay active. Yknow, not much.

Also, welcome. Tag me if you need help.


preaty mutch yust post stuff. i get likes from experamenting with code. i don’t think i’v made any big games or anything


Make inspiring games, ones that have never been made before. Throw in your passions, hobbies, and talents and everyone will love you for being authentic. Compliment people on their projects and ask for their friendship. Tell ‘em you’re a big fan. On the forum, you can get to know people a lot better. Be friendly and don’t make enemies. Always be honest with your ideas and don’t copy other people (it’s okay to get a few ideas from them, but always give them credit!). If someone accuses you or insults you, talk it out with them in a logical and calm way.