Please help! anybody!


i am hated by hopscotch! :sweat: because i responded i closed three subjects! :weary:


You are not hated by hopscotch, just by the spam filter.
And also your post got flagged by everybody so the topics got closed.


slam! slam! slam! :confused:


Stop getting mad! It's okay; not he end of the world just because of a tiny post


It's okay @Tastycupcake, you aren't hated by anyone. Don't panic if you receive a flag, it's not an evil thing. It's just a reminder that you might want to think about the Community Guidelines and edit your post :smile:


When I get a flag I just delete that post and life progresses smoothly agian :sunglasses:


When you get a flag, don't worry you don't have to delete it :smiley:

Like I said before, it's just like a reminder to follow the Community Guidelines. Have a re-read of your post and see why it might not be following the Guidelines. If you realise why it might not be appropriate for that particular topic or for the forum, then you can edit it and it will be okay again :smile:


I agree, @t1_hopscotch! Getting flags and getting closed topics because of you doesn't mean you are hated; it's just like a small reminder to think about what you say and also following the community guidelines :slightly_smiling:


Just to be clear, flags aren't meant to be a hate sign. They are just reminders to follow the rules.