Please Help! A Hopscother!



So ever since I've had my Flappymoji project on featured, this person named, "A Hopscotcher" has been annoying me with like spams. Basically, he likes the same thing over and over again. Whenever I try to look at his account, nothing happens. It even isn't in the search system. I think this may be an iPhone account, since a while ago, all the iPhones were named: iPhone 283M81 or something. They got rid of those, so I think that that's what it happening. Anyway, here's a picture:


Yeah it's someone on the iPhone app! They don't have the ability to make projects so they don't have an account so that's why you can't view it.


And when I use Hopscotch on my phone sometimes it glitches and I can't like the project unless I press it like 3 times so maybe that's why the person liked it three times?


No, there has been over 20 of them in a week


It could be multiple people who are on their iPhones liking your stuff!


So, 20 iPhone people loves your work...


The "A Hopscotcher" could be some mystery person or something hopscotch team created but forgot about it or it could just be someone on a iPhone


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The "A Hopscotcher" is old and there's no point to worry about it. Remember to ask to change the topic title or say you did. (Just saying.(has to do with topic title))


Yes! It did! Hooray people, we solved the problem! I consider this closed! Wait nope, let's ask the hopscotch team if we can change it to something like iPhone User or something, because I totally thought it was a hacker.


It wasn't really a problem. I like the "A Hopscotcher" name.


I was sure it was a hacker, and just wanted to check it out! :wink:


Well there was a bit of stuff about "A Hopscotcher" some time back.


did he dislike then like your stuff over and over again? Because your right its not an ipad user. I checked the data in the hopscotch apps code and he is not in there. he is most likely in the iphone one and he is abusing a glitch probably. (the iphone has a lot of glitches including some that let you get into other peoples accounts and view passwords) But he isnt hacking. thatsjust stupid.


A hopscotcher is a person on the iPhone! And they don't have full accounts so that's why you can tap on his (or her's) profile so don't worry


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