Please go against COOKIEFOX


Go against COOKIEFOX now


What is COOKIEFOX???
And @Goku make sure your topics are related to Hopscotch! And are appropriate!

Welcome to the forum, by the way!


Hey, that's not very nice to say :anguished:!
Is there any reason why you think we should do this?

Also, I see that you're new to the forums :D
Please make sure that everything you post is related to Hopscotch!


What is COOKIEFOX anyway? Or who is it?

@CreationsOfaNoob @Goku


I don't know. I suppose it might be a hopscotcher since this is the Hopscotch Forums.


What?! Who is it? You lower my judgment of DragonBall...


Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just tag me! Like this @Goobrgrlrye
But who is cookie fox?


That's we've been trying to figure out! He/she won't tell!


Huh. Telllllll usssssss @goku! Plz????


He or she is not on at the moment, we shouldn't tag him or her too much, it can get annoying :slight_smile:


I know who he/she is now! @diss_track_queen put a topic on it! Go see!


Yeah, heh, sorry. Wasn't thinking?


@CreationsOfaNoob @Goobrgrlrye @PotatoLover3

Take a look at this

That's rough. I understand why @Goku wants to stop them.


I saw that! @StarryDream posted it on the forum. Okay we know who she is now. Sorry for tagging u a gabillion times, @goku!
^i made that word up.


COOKIEFOX is a one is trying to steal our stuff


On hopscotch please don't make COOKIEFOX steal your stuff


What do you mean?

Edit: Ok. How do you mean s/he is stealing our stuff..?


Okay, that is not nice! Report the projects!
But, you may want to change the title to something more appropriate, like "Rude profile".


If she steals steal her stuff**strong text**


Steal her stuff now don't let her