Please fix the 'womp! something went wrong.' error


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: gryphonroadblocks

What kind of device are you using?: ipad 2

1 sentence description of the problem (I was creating a project, and then I got an error saying "Womp! Something went wrong." which didnt allow me to play it):

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. create a project, add a lot of blocks of code to it
2. open the project
3. you will get an error with a faceless emoji saying "Womp. Something went wrong!"

I expected this to happen: the project to play properly

But instead this happened: the aforementioned error popped up on my screen


Restart your iPad? It happened to me.


It happens when I remix someone's project and add text to it.
So annoying >:\


Hit ok, then the refresh thingy button.


i did that and it didn't work


Argh I get this glitch so much when I try playing a draft...


also i have a stable internet connection


I usually just press okay then restart the project. It is annoying, but not really a big problem.


i did that too, and it didnt work


Then it might be a problem...


This is happning to me ;-;
I can't open the drafts on my iPad ;-;


Tag THT, guys.

IDK if I should tag Liza or Montoya, so let me tag both:




This exact same thing is happening to me. When I open my project in my drafts, it automatically is on the edit screen even if I was playing my project the last time I was on it, and when I press play there is a loading screen and it's blank. Then...

"Womp! :no_mouth: Something went wrong."

And then the project comes up behind that. When I play it, it is laggy to THE EXTREME and when I code it, it is laggy to the extreme.

It is a very important draft to me, and I have restarted my iPad to fix it, it didn't work. I restarted the project, it didn't fix it. Did you ever get your draft back to normal? Or did anyone else?


Which draft is this? Can you post a link? cc @Nina


Right now this happened weigh COAN's project it used to happen with @Montoya 's project too


Do you have the titles for these projects?

The most useful information for this bug category is:
1. Name of the hopscotcher
2. Name of the project

Then hopefully we can reproduce this error on the same project and get to the bottom of this!


Did you guys know I couldn't make a goodbye project to CWAB, but it would let me do literally the same thing to another project.. ugh..


I finished the draft, but it was this one.


The same thing happened to me. Every single time I try to open a project, the 'Womp!' bug comes up. Now, I can't even use Hopscotch anymore.