Please Explain This?


You know the I HACKED THIS SO YOU CANT LIKE IT projects?
Then why do they get so many likes? Just asking!


Maybe it is begging for likes because people wil like to prove it wrong.


Thanks, was it on featured?


No itgoes on trending because people like it alot in a short amount of time. Trending is basedon how many likes or remixes a project gets in an amount of time and thehopscotch team handpicks featured projects. P.s. Im on featured! :scream:


Yeah I saw your pixel art thing and I am pretty sure I liked it!


Thanks! :slightly_smiling: post mustbe at least 20 characters


I just think that the person who created the "I Hacked This Project So You Can't Like It" just did a clever way of getting a lot of likes. I don't think he/she begged for likes, maybe just wanted some likes with a clever idea.


Don't worry about these beggars. Just don't like thier projects. The hopscotch team is going to make it harder for these kinds of projects to get on trending in future updates.


Ok! There arent many around anymore so that's great .


Those people just want to get popular by creating those projects so people will like them to show them they're wrong. Those people will do anything to get popular, even if it's begging for likes, so don't like those projects.


Yeah you are right, projects that are like PLZ LIKE and stuff sometimes get a lot of likes