Please enter my contest!😃😉



I have posted for a couple of days now my spring contest but never got any entries. I wanted to have a big contest and lots of people that enter. My profile is smishsmash_ on HC. Read the directions for the contest on my project. Thanks!!! -smishsmash_




Thanks!!! @RobotPro. :smiley::yum::smiley::wink::smiley::grinning::smile:


What is your contest?


It's a contest for spring projects, see my profile, smishsmash_ to check it out.


Okay! I saw it, it looks cool but I am far from a Leonardo Da Vinci...


I'll try!:sweat_smile:


It's fine! There will be multiple winners and you have a lot of time!


I'm in where do I sign? Lol :blush:


@Fun_in_the_Sun don't use your face as your profile pic! Don't put you're face on the internet before you can go up to some random person and say how old you are and what your face looks like.




Bold Text :slightly_smiling: (292020202020)