Please dont reply anymore or vote


We never should use it twice EVER. It's annoying to be tagged twice for one topic. The point of having the mass tag list is so that the ones in it can see some more non-bad threads.


Ok, this isn't nice.

You shouldn't speak like that to others.


I'm mean the others all get the tag.

If they don't participate or go into the topic that means they have no interest.
Then it would be annoying for them to be tagged again for something the dint have any interest in.



So Youre saying 4/ all the kids of the forum (over 200) want to participate? Seems legit.


Cool topic
I'm the kind of person who can use the OTML, wait a day or two, and people will reply. If they don't reply in those first few days, they aren't gonna respond at all.
The rules say not to use the OTML twice on the same topic, so I'm not going to do that. But maybe there could be second tag list for people that don't mind being tagged on a topic two or three times?


Well, the rules in the OMTL say that you shouldn't use the tag list twice in a topic, and I guess we should follow those. I also think it might be annoying to be tagged more than once in a topic. I mean, if you get tagged and see the topic where the OMTL was used, you might not reply just because you're not interested. People will have a reason not to reply on your topic, and you can't force them to reply.


Don't be sarcastic! It's rude! And learn to spell things. Just a suggestion.