Please dont reply anymore or vote


I just used mass tag list twice and only one person answered. So i tried a second time. So then just one person comes JUST TO SAY dont use tag list twice. If we cant use it twice when it doesnt work, whats the point of having it? Lets have a poll to see.

  • We should be allowed to do tag list twice
  • We should be allowed to only if it doesnt really work


@Sprouse look at the results sorry to tag you a million times,
They say i can do it as much as i want or at least @MrHotdog64 said that.

tag list


I domt like to use the tag list on this type of poll, but i want everyones vote.


I guess you should use it as much as you want, just dont spam it....


You can use it, but not too much. However, the person could always take themselves out if they don't want to be tagged. Just don't use it too much in your topics! :D


I don't think they should be used twice under any circumstances.
Besides, the topic this happened in is only 2 hours old. Some of my topics took a week to start getting replies. Give it some time. Let it blossom on its own.


But, i cant the deadline is tomorrow


Then create a new contest and give it a long time until the deadline. Honestly, maybe, if it was created 2 hours ago like the post says and the deadline is tomorrow, you're not giving enough time to do pretty much anything.


I don't think you should be able to use a tag list twice. It would bother be and I'd get annoyed getting tagged more than once from the tag list in any circumstance.


Its the rules of the tag list. I did not make them up. Thats it. Im off the tag list.


You've got to realise people put their name down, so you're tagging them a gajillion times. Once should be enough but if it "doesn't work" then leave it for a while, like a few days - or better, a week or even two, but preferably a couple of weeks - and use it again.

People can be busy or just not interested,


You should be able to use it, but only once because nobody likes being tagged a bunch of times for the same thing


It says in its topic only use it once per topic.



I wasn't quoting an example.


We don't need to stop mass tagging, people will reply if they are interested but if they are not then they don't post. I don't mean to offend.


There's no need to be so sarcastic. It hurts people feelings.

Maybe you should also learn how to spell something and use capitalization.

But anyway, I think you should only use the tag list once per topic.


Son u don't need to tell me datv


Please don't use it more thank once. That can be really annoying. It says in the rules not to lol


Theres no need to correct peoples grammar. It hurts peoples feelings.


He was being very rude and sarcastic to a kind, respected Hopscotcher.


I don't mind being tagged twice
But I do mind people spamming with OMTL


@Yellow_Mellow, that isn't veree nice… :/