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So, there’s a reason I wanted to leave because I lost regular.
Being the dirtbag that I was there was actually a reasonable explanation for that.

So, here’s what trust levels seem like to most people.
Basic- Newbies.
Member- People that have experience, something that you are for a while.
Regular- The celebrities of the forum. People with a bunch of friends. The lucky ones.

Don’t get it? While I was regular, I had countless friends. Now, I have just a few.
People expect you to be cool if your regular. Members, YOUR AWESOME. Trust levels are just bringing us down. WHO CARES ABOUT POPULARITY?! Ok, so yeah, your awesome and gold if your regular, you get to do more things. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THAT?

Members, basic, and regulars deserve to have the same rights. Why does everyone only care about regulars.

Trust levels are a waste of your time, and so is popularity. I been here since more then a year and then I lost regular, thinking do I have a reason for it to be lost? Oh yeah. Because of people spam flagging.

Ignore Trust Levels.


Great topic frenapai! I don’t see why there should be trust levels, we are all equal


Exactly! Also, thanks :)


Yah , I totally agree!

Even though I wanted regular a couple of weeks a go , now I don’t care - all I want are my true friends on the forum , not friends who are just friends because I am regular. Besides , I do not care that I am not really that popular , and I agree with @Explorer_ , Expie


Thanks for agreeing!


I am a regular, but that does not sound anything like me on the forum or HS. I just enjoy having some of the features of regular. Like if there is a lounged topic I really want to see, and I enjoy having more likes although that is still not enough for me. Other than that, I just wanted to achieve it. It makes me feel like I am not so much of a nobody on the forum (or even HS). I know it really does not matter, but it was something for me to work towards and keep working for.


Okay, trust levels were not intended to be a competition for popularity. Lots of people actually use them to help others. Regular gives you new abilities and you can help newer members by helping them move topics and such.

I get that regulars may have more friends, but keep in mind they’ve been here longer. And if you want “countless friends” again go and reach out to new users or something. :D


Do you know how long I’ve been here.


Since early 2016, and a lot more people know you than those that know me.


Yeah, but that also means some of your older friends might’ve moved on which makes sense why you lost some friends.

Friendship is a two way streak, so sometimes you have to reach out.


Exactly. Your saying members are nobody’s. That’s because we all have to be noticed.


None of my friends have moved on except @BlueStarGirl


Trust levels have a purpose here, and the purpose is not for popularity or anything

If I lost regular I would probably have the same amount of friends. Changing from member to regular didn’t do anything…just a few more abilities.


Why can’t we all get the same abilities though?


I see your point, but I only agree with part of what you’re saying.
You should be friends with everyone. What trust level they are shouldn’t stop you from getting to know them.

However, I think trust levels should not be completely ignored, and they definitely should not be taken away.
This is becuase having trust levels can help people help others. If someone is new to the forum, other users will be able to see that he/she is a basic. This will let people know that this new user might need a bit of help navigating the forum and learning the rules, which they can then assist him/her with.
Plus, trust levels can help people identify the leaders and hopscotch staff in case anyone needs assistance.
Also, part of the reason we have these levels is becuase the the hopscotch team can make sure that a new user is not a robot, before giving that user full acsess to the forum.

I see where your coming from though, I just don’t completely agree.


So your saying members can’t help new people? Like me?


No, I’m saying members and regulars would be able to easily see who is new and both trust levels can help them.


Exactly. So why do people assume regulars are the ones supposed to help?


It’s because you have to stay at the forum to learn more about it

If you’re a basic user, then well you’re new, and doesn’t have much experience of the forum. That person doesn’t have the same abilities, and wouldn’t be able to make many mistakes. Once they get to member, they know a bit more, and have more ‘powers’.

I don’t know why you could lose regular but…you have more abilities because you know much more about the forum…

I don’t know if what I said made any sense…


I guess it’s becuase in most cases, regulars are the ones who have been here longer and know more about the forum, therefore giving them more capabilities to help.