Please don't click this, you can even close it's a contest that I no longer want to use



This topic has been un authorized by @Fifithefunnyflower


I might be able to join the contest! :grinning:


I'd love to join the contest!


Do you know how to invite people to a topic, because I want to invite my cousin to this topic. I am sure she would want to join too!


Yeah! What is your cousins username?


Can I use my own drawing board to draw something? Can my drawing be of something else?


Scroll down to the bottom and tap the invite button.


Okay, I think I will be able to join. I will do it on our TRICERA–PAD, and if you see the remix sign, please don't mind, I requested the pad.


Please don't reply I don't want to do this anymore


Yesyesyesyesyes please



Alright, tell me if you want this to be open again.