Please delete my Hopscotch and app account

I got an email saying my accounts and passwords have been hacked and threats of blackmail have been made to me.
I don’t know if this is spam or real.
I request all leaders,mods please cancel my forum and hopscotch accounts as they might be hacked and I won’t be responsible for the possible content posted.
I emailed to cancel both accounts over a week ago and this hasn’t happened yet.
My hopscotch app account is also stradyvarious
@Serenity @William04GamerA @FearlessPhoenix @t1_hopscotch


Why don’t you first find out if it’s actually hacked before you delete them


I don’t use the app anymore and I have nothing to discuss on the forum so I’d rather my accounts be cancelled/deleted. It’s easier that way.


hey there - sorry to hear what’s happened with your accounts!
maybe some of these may help - How to Create a Strong Password and Beat the Hackers | Avast

the hopscotch team is small, but super dedicated - maybe they haven’t made it your emails yet?
we leaders can help with the forum account - I’ll go check what’s possible for you!


Thanks, please help get my accounts deleted. I don’t want to change passwords.
I’m having to close accounts of other sites I found have been compromised and my eee males ad res has been exposed and site passwords


This is probably a scam if you really think it’s not. Replace all your passwords with better newer ones and if you use a bad service to save your password, example: notepad, switch services!

Also there is no way someone can know all your passwords unless it’s stored on one single place.

The hs team is like PumpkinGirl said, dedicated but small. So it might take more time to get a response.


I believe the is where you’ll get a response. This is serious and we’re working on resolving this :)


Hi there @Stradyvarious, this sounds very serious and bad.

As both CM and PumpkinGirl has said, we are looking into this to further help you make sure that no one with malicious intent has access to your account.

Here are some security precautions that you can take on your forum account. Of course, we are also going to look into this further, but these are some tips to ensure your account security right away:

You can…

  • Change your password, especially if you have reused it on other websites.
  • Since you mentioned that you don’t want to change your password, you can also enable two-factor authentication. This can be done on the Security page of your profile.
  • What you also can do on your Security page is that you can check which devices have been logged in to your account recently. If you find a suspicious device, tap on the “wrench” icon. I’m not sure what the “Not you?” button does, but you can press “Log out” to force that device to log out of your account. If it turns out to be your device, you can always log in again.

Some password-related precautions to take in the future to ensure that you have a strong password:

  • The information on this link:
  • Check if your password is strong by checking if it has appeared in a data breach before.
  • Sign up for getting emails if your email or password appears in a data breach by clicking on “Notify” on this website. It is called “Have I Been Pwned” and is run by Troy Hunt, a Microsoft employee who runs the website to check if your email or password has appeared in a data breach.

Fearless isn’t a leader anymore and when it comes to hacked accounts my advice is to check possible times it was logged in on


who’s email? A random person, THT or Apple?

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These often happen when one of your passwords get leaked in a data breach. I assure you it will be just fine if you change all of your passwords (and quite frankly easier than trying to request deletion for a bunch of accounts), but it’s still your call in the end.


Most likely a random person with an old account’s password. Usually they can’t do anything except continue to spam you if you just change passwords.


You are exactly right. I cancelled 2 accounts that were breached. Someone could have easily sent some bad messages from an account and the recipients would think it’s me.
I’d like my hopscotch app and forum account deleted anyways.
My hopscotch accounts aren’t breached


We’ve answered your request, on the forum side of things!
- any more questions about the app can be made through the email you mentioned above,