Please close. I get it, we aren't allowed to take coded GIF requests. 😭



That emoji isn't the nicest.

Maybe change that into something like :-D


But that's a happy emoticon. I am not happy.

Are you ever happy when there is a closed topic misunderstanding?


Well I guess not but we don't need to hold a grudge on it correct?

Turn that frown upside down!:blush:



If it has to be like this. Please close.


Maybe they closed it because the gifs weren't related? Idk. But, has huggingfluffybear said, don't hold grudges!


Sorry but I am not even a regular I got demoted a couple months ago or something!

There's no need to close we just need this to be happy!


Even if your not happy that doesn't mean that it's a good emoji to use C:

I think a calm emoji, :slight_smile: is better. You not SUPER happy but your not sarcastic, or angry either :D
Because those emotions can reflect on others :0


I'm angry. I just dislike emojis, especially offensive ones.


Yes you are allowed to do it just make it more happy!:yum:


There's not really offensive emojis.


No, there was already a topic about it.

So I get it. I'm not allowed to take coded GIF requests.


But gif requests and posting gifs were two different things so it's kind of like you just threw that in there but it's not the same thing.



I am really thinking about quitting from being misunderstood, ignored, and having coder's block (the nuke will not help)!


That topic was closed because it was a topic where people posted gifs. And that was off topic, plus there was already a topic about it.

I'm gonna leave this one open, because you are taking actual requests. However, you have to take actual requests in this thread. The last thread turned into a bunch of people having off topic conversations with gifs, which this cannot turn into.


Please close. It's an 80% chance that I'm going to quit now…




@tankt2016, are you sure you want this closed?



And it was multiple incidents.