Please close and unlist topic, secret figured out!


You put an @ before there username! (Tagging)
Like is, I'm sending you a notification @MiracleShoutouts :D

Or inviting my tapping topic controls, invite, typing in a username if the person!


That feature is only for admins but u can do this:say @ and then the username of the user u want to get there attention from example: @MiracleShoutouts that should give u a notifacation that I tagged u


Your poll works :smiley: great job
I will search up public polls now...


You go the the gear thing

Above the text :wink:
Then tap it, tap build poll an make your poll! An option comes up :wink:


Thx and yes I did get a notification that u tagged me :3


Good job! :D


I didn't even know to do that, thx! @MiracleShoutouts @smishsmash


Bye come back soon :3


Ad Admin can change your username. I think.


Really? 202020202020


Welcome to the forum!

I suggest you check out the Community Guidlines!


@Kiwicute2016, @PopTart0219 and @BuildASnowman, can you change usernames? :smiley:


Great idea btw he's offline lol


I did not mean to quote lol


Aren't you tankt lol


But you are tankt...


Don't tell me this is another person trying to pass off a second account as a new account...


Hi tankt! Nice to see you again! This is you on it! Your ip's match!


Seriously, tankt? People were spending time helping you out and welcoming you...