Please close and unlist topic, secret figured out!


Case Closed

Please delete all posts.


You can make a new account by logging out of the one you're in, and you should be able to make a new one!


You use the forum the way you are now. Remember to always talk only about hopscotch-related things, and be nice!

Thanks for joining the Forum! :slight_smile:


Omgee first time using this to welcome someone


Welcome to the forum!


Click on that link to see some important (or just plain silly) stuff, @MiracleShoutouts! :slight_smile:


Hi! Welcome!

No, you can't change your name to CodePOP. You can only change your name when you are a basic user, which is the first trust level on the forum. Since this account was already used for a while, it is no longer a basic user.

Also, trust levels are like how much time you have been on the forum and how much you are trusted.

I am pretty sure they are...

Basic user






Okay I am pretty sure those last two count as trust levels!

when you type this when it has no replies and when you finish typing it you are sixth reply


Also @MiracleShoutouts welcome to the forum, we hope u enjoy your stay ;3



But I don't have an email.
I'll just stick with this account.


The last two are groups, not trust levels.
If you look at Kiwicutes thing it will say trust level leader group moderators


U could get a admin to make ur nickname CodePOP so it would be next to your username @MiracleShoutouts


I'll try getting that. :wink:

Why does that turn in a winking emoji?!


It's a automatic thing.


Do this so it doesnt do that ;<dh>)
Like this ;)



I'll try:




I published my first project.

Look at it in my profile:


What's a poll? Dkdksksk


Here - I'll show u how to make links later :wink:


Actully no that one doesn't tell u how to make a poll lemme find another one


Ok this one should show u


How do you send a notification to someone to get their attention? :)