Please change this guy's bio



^ it's the title. But basically, @keemstar has an inappropriate thing in his bio.



My gosh, That is inappropriate. It's disrepcting the Commuity Guidelines.


I recommend emailing tht because you shouldn't being attention to this :wink:


Best not to draw attention to it. Just email Liza or something.


Ok, I should've done that first.


I got a screenshot of that before on another acc


@KVJ was right. Hi


OMG hi.

And thicks fren.


Oh, that is really mean. He/she is suspended I think :D


That's going in my magazine by the way


I don't think you should add that. Its bringing attention to something that doesnt need it.


That's what I said. Also he said he wouldn't do that in the topic


Dude, I can put what I want in my magazine.


Nowhere does it say you have to exclude it :slight_smile:

It's just not a good idea to PG713, or to me.


He should change his bio. I saw his other topic, it's not good.:hushed:

But next time, result to emailing THT instead of making a topic about it. I understand that you want the user to notice this topic and change his bio, but you don't want to bring attention to the situation.:slight_smile:


I know, I didn't think about that and my first instinct was to make a topic. I emailed Liza and she said that she would delete him/her


It's alright​:slight_smile:. Just remember to email THT first in a situation like this.:slight_smile:


TBH, I think he deserves to be suspended
Maybe the mods(THT) have the ability to change Forumers' bio…


Glad he's banned. Ban him for 374637284738382847383857383874738:577283477372734637374746 years. For using the n word


@keemstar with come back next weekend :frowning: