Please be nice about LGBT


Before you ask, there has been some nasty anti-LGBT talk in a project against a biromantic person and nasty talk about transgender and transsexual people in a topic that supports LGBT.
I'm not trying to start a flame war, but Liza specifically said we should state our opinions nicely, which they did, and I think we should respect others even if we don't like their sexual orientation or nationalities or genders.
Like Donald Trump. He doesn't like it when Mexicans come illegally into the US. But he employs Mexicans so they can get money for their families. And everyone hates him for that.
So here's a lesson learned for today hopefully: Respect others.
And don't talk nasty and disrespectful talk in a topic that supports the thing you don't like. What if a transgender person saw that? A gay person? A Mexican person? A different person?
So don't say "This goes against the Bible" because not everyone believes in the Bible's words (SHOCKER!!! Not) and you may be offending people that have done nothing wrong but for some reason you think they go against the Bible.
Don't say it's unhealthy to be something. Someone said it's unhealthy to be LGBT even though they support it. What?!


Very true, if you don't agree with LGBT, please don't comment on the topic.

@StarryDream @Huggingfluffybear
I don't mean to call you guys out, but you need to respect the wishes of others :wink:


Thanks OrangeScent

Please guys.


SBYP. There are topics like this.

Also, please don't bring politics into this. That's rude to Donald Trump.

What do you mean "for some reason you think they go against the Bible"?

I do see where you're coming from though. You just want peace.


As long as this doesn't get heated, you should be able to express your opinions

But when it does start to get heated, invite a moderator or a leader.


I'll try my best not to say anything inflammatory. :D


This is a good message, however it is a duplicate topic so I'm going to close it.