Please ban me(PLEASE!)


I need a mod to ban me untill May 6. I have made someone leave!
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Why I Have To Leave

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I deleted it because someone got offended.


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Whoa. It's alright. It's not enough to be suspended. It was an accident; you didn't mean for the consequences to happen, right?


Look unless if you are a LGBTQ person

I first stated this
"I am re-
Never mind"
Then someone asked what I meant
Then I said why
Then I said this
"In the bible it doesn't state that LGBT is bad. But God states it as a sin."
That is the whole story, then @Sparkczy quit.


I didn't mean for it to happen. I just am a sensitive person.


I looked even though... :\

That is why she left? Oh my...
Please don't leave. Don't! We may have lost one person, but we don't want to loose another! Oh please @Phase_Admin no!




Breath in

Breath out

Breath in

Breath out


I feel the same way ;-;

@Dude73 halp XD




What do you need?

(I'm bad at this kind of stuff, but I'll try)


I don't know why I tagged you XD



Ok then

I am going to try to break iMovie or something get it to work on Evernote.

(On topic, You shouldn't be banned HFB! You are an amazing person!)




I don't know lol

Back to binge listening to this



You didn't know the consequences

(I looked anyway too :)

You didn't know how a lot would take it but it was a mistake and that person chose to leave, you didn't say for them to leave. That's why she left but we make mistakes!

Next time just try to really think is this going to hurt or be offensive to somebody :slight_smile:
I really don't want you to go! We can't loose another!

It takes a lot to be banned, this was one thing, it wasn't small, but it wasn't enough to be banned I don't think! Your a great person who made a mistake. We all make mistakes.


You are fine you just made a mistake!


Try Gilbert189's anxiety attacks method for PopTart0219. :wink: