Please add a rainbow flag emoji!

No one has requested this yet so I’ll do it.

Can THT add a rainbow flag to the emoji list to support LGBT? When used as an emoji it looks messed up, and ends up like this: :rainbow_flag:

The actually thing looks like this:

(It just looks better quality)

I know this is kinda a useless topic, but a lot of people would use this emoji if THT added it to the list! Thanks guys!


Wait, new emojis?

Better update lol

If they do add it, they'll have to add all the other ones which will be sometime in the future


Yeah. I'm on iOS 10.2 beta and they're adding even more!

The rainbow emoji has been there since iOS 10 I think tho.


I don't think the HS team can just add emojis. Good thought though...


Yeah it might be discourse who adds them

They can. On the discourse meta website they have different style emojis, and much less of them. THT just has to add plugins and stuff like that.

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All that trouble for one emoji though?

The Hopscotch team doesn't have the ability to do that (only the Discourse team does), so maybe you could suggest it to them. It just looks weird because the forum doesn't recognize that emoji (because it's from a recent update).


Hi there, Zach. :slight_smile:

What Inty said, you need to contact discourse. Go onto the discourse meta forums.

I can't wait to get my hands on all them new emojis!! I think they might work in Hopscotch if someone with the beta published and project with them and you remix them. Could you try that perhaps?

New emojis ooooooooo

I did some trolling using that lol

What @Intellection74 said. This forum is coded by Discourse, if you want an update you can send a suggestion to them! This is a great idea, I am surprised that they haven´t added that flag yet.
Anyways, the e-mail to Discourse is . You can also ask them on their official forum.

I’m pretty sure THT can add their own emojis, because the emojis on look different.


I agree. I also think it would show that THT supports LGBT.

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What's "LGBT"?

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Lesbian gay bisexual transgender

It basically just means you are/support of homosexual person.


I have no idea what that means but let's just move on shall we

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