Pleas add the following things in new Update



Recorded sounds.
New characters.
Jump animation with the Jump animate block.


Hi @TopplingCobra

Interesting suggestions here's some background info about this topic too from @ColeDJ as well (you can tap the link above each quote to open the topic)

When is custom sounds possible?

Pictures in Hopscotch:

Add pictures to Hopscotch in update:


@TopplingCobra I agree with you, but I think the hopscotch team is maybe doing some updates. But you can email them about it. I think it's a great idea. :+1:


Hopscotch could have a gallery of pre approved pictures.


@t1_hopscotch summed it up nicely (with help from @ColeDJ!)!

Do you really want to make your own stuff, or if there were tons more sounds and images would that be enough? (@Rodrigo is interested in hearing more)



Any particular interest into characters? Monsters, animals, astronauts, Obama?


reviving like everyone else :slight_smile: