Playing with Clones on Hopscotch (^-^)/



Hi!! One of my favorite things to do on Hopscotch is code using clones. I actually have a lot of projects that are based around messing with clones :D

Here’s some of them-

If you have coded any projects that are based around clones/messing with clones, please post links to them or screenshots here!! I love seeing what Hopscotchers can do with clones :D

Thanks! (^-^)



Here are some of my favorites

I’ve made a LOT of spiral draws too.


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing, I’ll play them right now :D



Oooo, cool project!! Thanks for sharing it! :D


I’d love to share them, but that’s basically all my projects XD


Awesome XD



I can used HS right now… and I would post 2000 links lol


I’d love to play two thousand Hopscotch projects though XD :DDDD


I think that your projects are really cool, amazing job!


Thank you so much!! :D