Playing Hopscotch on Youtube



Huge credit to @AwesomeJediE for this.
My YouTube Channel
I am a Hopscotcher YouTuber. I play other people's games on HS and I do some tutorials, quirky stuff and much more. Like @AwesomeJediE, he/she is accepting projects that he/she will play. I am doing the same thing, but I will be making videos daily. One thing: Your project has to be a game. It cannot be art, just a project that is a game.So if you want me to play your project, just fill out the form below + don't forget to subscribe to see if I play your game!
Hopscotch name:
Project link:
Project name:
Project creator Username:

If there are no forms in 24 hours, I will pick the projects myself.



Oct 4: Color Match by @TheGreenBanana
Oct 5: Lightrail by @Rawrbear
Oct 6: Galactic Parkour by @AwesomeJediE
Oct 7: Mini Games by @Awesome_E
Oct 8: Ice Cream maker by @AwesomeNachos
Oct 9: crossy road 2.0
Oct 10: tron
Oct 11:

Thanks for 25 subscribers! Lets see if we can hit 50!


Awesome! I have seen some of your videos, keep up the great work​:grinning::ok_hand::clap::+1:


Lemonade stand by madi would be a good one too!


Wait let everyone get on a device that supports YouTube brb


@FoodDelivery why did you add me to the OMTL ;D?


So if you wanted me to play your game you could fill out the form


Plz play my DreamLand game.
My name is BlackPanther(T'Challa)
Cant get link. Im off of Hopscotch for awhile.


Hopscotch name: Sweetlina​:purple_heart:
Project link:
Project name: Sweetner Pad
Project creator Username: Sweetlina​:purple_heart:


Alright, so I have a game coming out soon for Halloween, do you think that I can submit the form then? (I'm gonna release it the week B4 Halloween)


Sure, Im posting daily


Im trying to post more projects.

If you dont mind, could you check out my account? Im making a portal game soon.

If you think any of mine are "worthy" please put them in


I'm a she.

No, I'm actually a Jedi


Okay. Use the force to make me fly


Congratulations you are now a flying pizza

That would actually be a fun game


Woah it actually works no kidding :astonished:


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:deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree:

See, you're flying




HS Username: AwesomeJediE
Project name and link: Galactic Parkour
Short description about project: You play as Robo, and you avoid falling into lava by jumping from platform to platform. Can you beat my high score?
Other notes:
TDIRMootato and I will be competing to see who can get the highest score on my game. We will post a video of us playing it on our channels and see who wins. Would you like to join us?

I'll post my video on Wednesday.


Sure I would super happy to join!!!!!


I actually played it with my friend GiantsFan11 (Hopscotch user too, and friend in rl). I'm still editing it but I did better than him :smirk:.
I got 9.1
He got 9

I have to go now, see you later! :smile:

Nice avatar change