Playing games on Hopscotch compared to other things (ease of play, fun, etc.)



So this is like the drawing, music and coding topic.
Instead of making...


Ever wanted to discuss about gaming on hopscotch compared to your xbox or something?
Here is the place!


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What has easier controls to use?

  • Hopscotch
  • PC Gaming
  • Console gaming
  • Other mobile gaming



I find allot of games that weren't designed for mobile devices difficult to play.
There's a game "Samurai Showdown 2" I've played in an arcade.
I can usually beat the first 5 opponents in the arcade version.
On the iPad version the controls are unresponsive and awkward when making full/half circle moves of the screen joystick to do special moves.
As Hopscotch is a iPad/iPhone app, all games created with this app are for touch/tilt screens.
For someone young who's never made a game before Hopscotch is an easy way to start learning.
My favorite iPad app is Tynker.
This is because of allot of extra features plus allot more can happen onscreen that the Hopscotch app would find impossible to handle. Especially when it comes to "Touching" code and "Clone" code.


On Hopscotch the controls and the layouts are different based on what project you play, so you cannot really compare to, lets say an X-Box 1, which the only way to play is with the controller.


I like PC gaming, but mobile gaming is good too.
Games from PC with coding from Unity, Unreal, etc. could never happen on a mobile device.
With console gaming, the controls are kind of limited, with just around 5-10 buttons. Button combinations can change that though.
On PC, there are lots of keys, and a cursor, so the options for controls are virtually limitless.
Hopscotch has controls that are put in by the people who make the games, which can be lots of controls, but that clogs the screen.


I haven't seen much of multiple uses of when a sprite is pressed/tapped.
Like when a square is tapped, different actions could be coded depending on the x-y position touched and the squares x-y position.


I would like to know whether the responses so far speak to the the question in the opening post. The reason I ask is that I got the impression that the question was basically about the features and playability of Hopscotch-constructed games, versus those of other games, in general. Did I miss it? Wouldn't be the first time. :smile:


The topic is just a general discussion about gaming on hopscotch compared to on other things. Nothing in particular.


Pic gaming is easy for me!

iPad well it depends what game like mobile controls are better then the computer!

But hopscotch is really good!


To be honest, I prefer the PC controls for
I am pretty nimble with a mouse, but I am pretty useless with touchscreen joysticks.
It's better to be able to feel the controls for me, so I can memorise their positon and play, just looking at the screen, not controls.


I think Hide-And-Seek is easier to play in real life, as there's no lag when you're physically moving!


But there is lag when you physically move!
Air resistance!
Friction on your shoes!
Injuries lag your movement!
Sorry, I think i'm going crazy science mode...


That should get quote of the year!


Yeah, true, but there's nothing controlling how fast you go and when you stop!


Whatabout walls?
But I guess you don't generally run into walls.
In games, you can trip over spikes!
They are called lag spikes​:scream:




The only thing about hopscotch is the lag. Other than that I could be convinced I was playing a normal game.