Playing Favorites


Now, ^^^ I don't have a problem with this.^^^ It's just that... People are playing favorites and it can make some people feel left out. including me. People are always gushing over someone like, "You're the best Hopscotcher ever!" or "I love ur art!" << Again, I don't see much of a problem. But when you make a whole day for someone, I think to myself, "I don't even deserve a minute, do I?" Read the next few words carefully. I WASNT POINTING ANYONE OUT. I AM NOT JEALOUS AND I DO NOT WANT YOU TO MAKE ME A FAN ACCOUNT OR HAVE SYMPATHY FOR ME. I'm just telling you to be careful, because there are some sensitive sound out there. :o :3 Thx for ur time.


Well you never know maybe there will be a day for you??


I wouldn't want one. It would make people feel left out.


When someone tells you that you are awesome, it makes you feel good. Yes, some hopscotchers get more compliments then others, but everyone is awesome. You don't need anybody to make you feel special, has long has you are having fun on hopscotch, then you're already cool.


Then I'm not already cool.


@bluedogmc-official I have and add on- it be a nice thing to be happy when somebody gets a compliment.

Like if your friend gets featured- be happy for them!


It doesn't mean you make a whole "My friend got featured day!"


I think it is fine, the only thing they are trying to do is give somebody a compliment to make somebody feel good.


But it's always noce to be happy for them! :slight_smile:


Exactly. Apparently you haven't seen what I've seen.


I feel worthless because my friend is better.
She even got on FEATURED FOR A REMIX.
While i'm there.
Not getting lots of likes for drawings.
I get.
I can't compete and win.