Player types in a number in game? Help



How do you get a player to change a 'value' by typing in a number from keyboard?

Is this feature already available?

I'd thought of coding a keypad with numbers and an enter key...

But hoped there was an easier way to do it.




Eh...I'm too lazy to code it sorry
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I don't clearly understand what u mean tho


Say you had a game where you needed the player to type in a number choice.

e.g. A multiplication tables game - What table do you want to learn? (enter digit 2 - 12) then keyboard pops up you type in a number and that changes the 'value' to what ever is typed in.

...Or An adventure game - What do you want to do now? (enter command. e.g. n = north)


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Gah. Sorry I have trouble understanding . I'm learning while dying this.
Do you mean that you want to make a keyboard? If so, I can help you!


I made a keyboard like this in one of my drawing pads.


Yeah I know ur project @Creationsofanoob @MrD sry I dunno how to solve this but these people might do


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Welcome to the forum! I don't think this feature is possible, but you can make your own keyboard!


This feature isn't currently available but some people have made keyboards and password type games before. This would obviously require quite a bit more coding.


Is that the type of "keyboard" that you need?

Here's a link to the project:



I love this idea (You must be "old" like me. I don't think most hops will know what you're referring to)

I've considered this previously and think you'll find 2 primary difficulties

  • Lack of arrays
  • Lack of text comparison operators

Both could be overcome but will quite difficult on Hopscotch. If you'd like to discuss these or any other topics, feel free to tag me.


Right now, you can't use the iPad's keyboard to type in numbers. It isn't completely impossible though. You can make your own keyboard, each number a different sprite, so you can, for example, say "when '4' is pressed set value 'first number' to 4"


You must create your own. Maybe email tht ( with this suggestion.


M confused a born x:


Thanks for all the help everyone, I'll have a look at the keyboard already coded, then think of a way of adapting. Will also try asking for the feature. Though if nobody else has asked for it then maybe it's unneeded?

Mr D


I might be able to help you here–
What I understand for the multiplication table game is:
A text has the question "what multiplication table do you want to learn?" A keyboard pops up, and you type in the number of the table you want to learn while a text object changes to what you're typing? Once you press enter, the multiplication table for the number you typed in appears~sorry if I'm completely wrong.


This is definitely possible (I think even a backspace would work), but it might be a little time consuming and difficult to make.


Yes thanks, that is the idea, also answering the questions with a text input would be useful.

I'm working on a project which uses different buttons to select different tables but you fly a rocket to the correct answer.

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Backspace is fully possible.