Play time/App browser with 🌇



This is a newer version of me
Please read all the comments before asking the same question
And please do not use rude words, I don't agree is enough for me to understand.

----[Presentation with Pictures]----

It's a little tab on the bottom screen.
It has this :video_game: icon representing Play.
It works just like the featured tab.
Whats similar: the projects are chosen by the hopscotch team.
The difference: The projects do not have the See Code button.
And alot of other things wich you will discover in the next pictures.

This is what it should look like, note that the only things that are changed are:
The tabs on the top of the screen are invisible, there is a title and the gameplay time, the :video_game: is changed into :pencil2: (Editor mode)

And now lets talk about the projects:
You see the name of the creator of the project, you see the picture and finally the rating, and since my app is awesome i get 5 stars :wink:
When you click the project, an add (video) pops up.

This is how the game should look like. Without the see code button

Oh no what happenned, darn my gameplay time expired, did I lose my game?
Nope because all the scripts have been paused and saved, when you finished watching the video, your game will be resumed after 5 secondes.

I talked on my previous post about bying stuff by watching videos.
This is the code I imagined

The presentation is almost finished, the last pictures will be a list of advantages

@t1_hopscotch for showing me the app: Skitch
@Stradyvarious for his inspiring comment

And a big thanks all that commented on my previous post, it helped me improve the idea: @Lavendercupcake @teddyweddy23 @NDSDNS @CreativeCoder @t1_hopscotch @Violetcupcake987 @Codingiscool and @Kiwicute2015

I did not put all the details, I still wanted to put pictures and text showing how we could rate... But I tought it would be too long so keep in mind that I only putted the most important information.
If you don't understand something or something is wrong don't hesitate to comment but please, i've done my best and know i've made mistakes, please don't be rude when you talk.

Idea: How hopscotch could publish apps for money

How did you make the pictures? Edited screenshots using Skitch I assume.


I use an app called explain everything.
And i used PS touch (photoshop) to make the fake rules.


Cool @TromaxTheDestroyer.


Love it! It must of took you ages to make this!


Thanks! Well it took alot of time but I would do anything to help improve hopscotch :wink:.


Wow @TromaxTheDestroyer this is so well-thought through!

I guess the focus of Hopscotch is mainly for us to learn how to code and get introduced to coding though. But a really important part of Hopscotch is getting to check out and play what other people have made too and I would love it as well if we could save progress on other people's games.

I think the See Code button is important for everyone to learn more coding by looking at how other people's games work, and I would know nothing about coding if I wasn't able to look behind the scenes of other Hopscotchers and learn from them. But I do see why you would remove it in the player so that people won't hack and cheat.

Maybe instead of five-star ratings we could just have hearts. It might be hurtful if someone only gets 1 or 2 out of 5 stars but I guess stars give you a better idea of how people like your project too.

I'm not sure how it would turn out in Hopscotch as Hopscotch is a place where we can learn how to code, and not as much making pro projects but this is a really interesting concept! And again the amount of work you put into it so that we can visualise it is awesome!


Thanks, I see your point but, to see the code they just have to go on the editor mode and search for the project name.


Oh I missed it sorry! That's great then, people can still see behind the scenes of the project :smiley:


There is something that I didnn't precice is:
These apps are published in hopscotch as projects, the hopscotch team could chose the project and tell the hopscotcher he has to put the video code then they copy the project and import it in the app library disabeling some feautures like see code...
So the project he first made hasn't been touched people can still find it in the editor mode.
And thank you for showing the app skitch, without it my project wouldn't be visual, it has some things I really needed :smile:.


@TromaxTheDestroyer That is a great idea! I agree with you. You have really thought this through from the start and to now and I think that this will be great if the Hopscotch team sees this! I hope they do see this...


@TromaxTheDestroyer, this an idea, right? It doesn't actually exist yet. If it does, I don't have it yet. Also, I'm curious why you use the :city_sunrise: emoji in a lot of stuff.


@SoapyBubbles that's right, this is an idea from TromaxTheDestroyer :smiley:

The :city_sunrise: emoji just means pictures, so the title here Play time/App browser with :city_sunrise: just means Play time/App browser with pictures.


Continuing from what @t1_hopscotch said, I use emojis because they are colorfull and to not use alot of space.
I use it at the end of all of my topics with pictures. And in some comments.


Oh ok, got it! Thanks @t1_hopscotch and @TromaxTheDestroyer


I have an idea. Maybe someone could invite Liza or someone else on the hopscotch team to this? Just a thought.


That's an awesome idea but I think it would be better if we wait their response, if they don't see it in the next 3-5 days, invinting someone could be possible.


Good idea. That seems better. We'll wait and see if we get a response then go from there.


@TromaxTheDestroyer wonderful Idea!


A big thanks to everyone for your support, idk why but I liked every single comments but when I come back some aren't liked, so sorry for that, it's really weird because it isn't my daily like limit.