Play Android apps on PC+MAC


Click this link and download/install Bluestack.

Now you can play Android apps on PC.

This app “Pocket Code” is similar to Hopscotch and your project can be saved as an Android app.
You can try playing lots of other Android Apps/Games as well.

Pocket Paint is a free sprite drawing app for use with Pocket code.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Cool! I have looked at Bluestacks before, but not installed it.


Dont use bluestcs…

I much prefer Andyroid which has an actual full Android OS


Or, you could just install Android on a virtual machine using Virtualbox.


That’ll work… I just am using an S9 so yeah…

I prefer the actual hardware


The real hardware is almost always the best.



I agree


Virus found on the official ANDY exe file “Android emulator”
I’ll skip ANDY thanks.


Oh… more you know… thanks

Although, it’s probably not true… dont always trust your antivirus

For example, I was download SA2 from steam and my antivirus said it had some sort of virus although after I added it as a bypass file then I was perfectly fine… I probably has something to do with it adding a virtual machine like OS in a .exe


Blue stacks worked fine a few months ago.
I uninstalled it a few months ago because the performance was sluggish for a program I used it for.
A week ago I installed the latest version and it loads 90% and stalls.
I tried out a few more emulators like NOX, and some others.
None of them load properly or they freeze or are massively sluggish.

I’ve given up trying to find a decent emulator.


Well, yeah… no emulator will be as good as the real things… if I were to emulate stuff I’d emulate stuff like GameCube/Wii, (Dolphin,) NES and SNES, (any emulator really,) Genisis/MegaDrive, (any emulator, ) 3DS, (Citra,) and Wii U, (CemU


Hey, I agree with you these android apps are really fun.


You can play PUBG mobile (free) on PC with this link.