Planning Trip to Hopscotch HQ


My Dad said we were going to go to NY for a small vacation, and I told him I wanted to go to Hopscotch HQ.

But then I have no idea what to do and how to do it. So if anybody has been there before, can you give me more information?



I think you should email them. :D


Yep I think that's true !


Oh fun!

What kind of info do you need?


Like when can you go there, how long you can stay, what you do?


You should email them! :D

Kiwi and everyone who visited are really helpful, so talk to them too! :D


Book a flight and find the address of HQ and then...yeah
(That's what I think)


You should email them in advance! I procrastinate too much and won't go visit them even though thier about an hour away ;-;


@smishsmash and @Kiwicute2016 have!

From my knowledge, you have to contact the HT first so they can plan it ahead of time. :slight_smile:


Email Liza, and she will help you figure it out! I'm also visiting there and I have been talking to Liza!


I've been there before! I went just a month ago. @smishsmash did too.

I think smishsmash is the only other hopscotcher that knows I went there.


It's awesome!! :DDDDD

Leeme tell you what I did there.

When you get there you'll stay for around an hour unlike Kiwicute2016 who went for a few days.

First, I went up into this huge awesome building that had really tight security. You had to get an ID card and do all sorts of stuff. Then you go up onto the six floor in an elevator.

I sat in the red chairs and get free wifi. Then Liza, Rodrigo and the other guy came over. They said hi and went to get questions.

I went with Rodrigo (and my dad went with Liza) and showed him my cos and sin project and he asked me too explain it which was pretty hard.

Then he asked me to make a geometry dash without the video.

After that he showed me a sneak peak on the newest update ( which is gonna be super cool) and he asked me a bunch of questions.

Later, Liza showed me around HQ which is actually in the really tall building and has around 50 different companies per floor (each company gets a table).

I got to meet all the awesome members of hopscotch. Liza gave me a bunch of hopscotch stickers, recommended a few places to eat and then it was done!


So they don't do anything special? It's just like an interview?



They also ask you your opinion on things like the new updates.


Oh... Is there a specific schedule or is it completely random?


Schedule of what? :thinking:


Of what you do! So you just stayed for an hour? Was it fun?
And you saw @smishsmash? You went at the same time?


Um. Yes. I think. Rodrigo had a paper with him and was writing stuff down. As far as I'm concerned me and @smishsmash did the same things in the same order.. :thinking:

And yes! It was very fun! Totally worth it!!

Nope. I did not see @smishsmash. We went at different times and days.


That sounds super fun!

I read the whole thing, and my first question that comes to mind is "where did you eat"

My priorities are all wrong :joy:

Whoa, I can't wait for the new update! Rodrigo told us it was awesome!

But seriously, where did you eat? :laughing::joy:


Wouldn't it be cool if many hopscotchers could go at the same time? @Liza It would be so much fun!


I went to eat pizza :pizza:.The two things Liza recommended to try were bagels and pizza.