Plagiarized project on Featured?!


So , I saw a balloon draw in the second row of Featured.
Then, I instantly remembered someone did this same project for Hopscotch's third birthday.
@Liza, can you please take notice of this?


The original project is by @cherrycupcake, you are correct, it is plagiarized.


Thank you!
No wonder it doesn't have a lot of likes.


Whaaaat? Another copy? :frowning:


Go check it out.


theres tons of cherry cupcakes... how can i find the original?


Her Hopscotch username is actually Tori The Crafter. :wink:


Yeah it's Tori the Crafter :yellow_heart:


I'm on it!!!


comes back

I unfollowed Tori the Crafter!


Tori the Crafter is the one who originally made it. Why are you unfollowing her? :smile:


its not opposite day today


She unfollowed an account she thought was the real account, but it was a fake one. :D

(The one she unfollowed had no emoji heart.)